Inspire Academy Childcare Bradford

Arabeeya Nursery

Inspire Academy Childcare and Arabeeya Nursery is a unique and innovative childcare and early years provision that provides high standards of education and learning.

Inspire Academy Childcare services include

* Full-time Childcare Centre

* Early years Provision

* Holidays Club

* Quran and Arabic School

* Polish School

* Transport Services

Inspire academy nursery ofsted
Effectiveness of the leadership and management
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
Personal development, behaviour and welfare
Outcomes for children

Quality and High Standards Childcare Nursery

At Inspire Academy Childcare and Arabeeya Nursery, learning is broad with clear development goals for children. Our approach allows “children to be children”, which means learning through play and experiencing a wide range of artistic, cultural, cognitive, social and physical activities.

Highly qualified staff

All our staff are DBS checked, trained, experienced and highly qualified.

Quality learning resources

We use a variety of resources to enrich children’s learning experience.

3 large outdoor play areas using natural light

We provide an engaging childcare environment and learning through activities.

What people say about our Childcare provision

Mariam Rauf
Mariam RaufReview on Google
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Inspire Academy Nursery is an outstanding childcare service provider. My children are picked up from school everyday. The service is very efficient and the safety of children is top of their priority list. The learning is just amazing as children sample variety of activities related to sport, arts and crafts, team building and much much more. Best place in Bradford. Also very good OFSTED report. Read it and be impressed. if you need childcare, this is the place.
Jannah Bibi
Jannah BibiReview on Google
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My children have attended inspire academy childcare and Arabeeya nursery since 2014. They look forward to attending inspire each day. As well as the tajweed and Arabic being of a high standard with highly experienced teachers, the children also enjoy social time with their peers in a safe, warm & supportive atmosphere.
Javed Akhtar
Javed AkhtarReview on Facebook
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My kids have gone here the past 3 Years they loved Inspire Academy Childcare and Arabeeya Nursery especially the teachers you can tell the different in their learning especially the Arabic the get a lot of support for their school subjects ie Maths English etc the get to do a lot of activities Brother Tariq he inspires the kids a lot does a good job in running the place 10/10.
Shaid Mahmood
Shaid MahmoodReview on Facebook
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Brilliant place for our kids to attend. From fun and games to Islamic classes our kids love coming here. holiday clubs are always busy. pick up and drop off also available to free up parents. brilliant in all departments. thanks inspire.
Shabs Shah
Shabs ShahReview on Facebook
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My girls loved it at Arabeeya Nursery, they can’t stop talking about their friends and teachers and all the fun learning they had there, highly recommend it to everyone.
5 Star Reviews

Inspire Academy ‘Out of Hours’ Childcare

Inspire Academy services include childcare and learning provision out of hours (ages 5yrs – 15yrs old)

At Inspire childcare, we believe that learning should be stimulating for young children, so play times are educational as well as fun. We at Inspire Academy Childcare and Arabeeya Nursery are continuously developing new and exciting ways of encouraging child development in a safe and stimulating environment.

Out of hours childcare hours are:

Arabeeya nursery Bradford

Transport Services

  • We pick up and drop off children from school or home by our DBS and qualified drivers. Children safety is central to Inspire Academy’s ethos.  This service is provided for children living in Bradford and surrounding areas.

Pickup service from school or home

What Inspire Academy offers

Inspire childcare Bradford

Arabeeya Nursery

Inspire academy childcare and Arabeeya nursery

Tuition Centre

Inspire childcare

Islamic Studies Centre

Find our Events - Clubs

We at Inspire Academy childcare Bradford provide a variety of sports, clubs and recreational based activities throughout the year for young people. We believe that social activities can help young people both physically and mentally. It will help them develop physical skills, make new friends, have fun, learn to be team members and improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

Childcare nursery in Bradford
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Summer club for boys aged 9 - 15

For 2 days | Sat & Sun


Sisters Tajweed classes

For 4 weeks | Every Tue


Cooking club for girls aged 12 - 15

For 2 days | Every Mon & Fri