Arabeeya Nursery Curriculum


Curriculum: Vision & Aims

Nursery has developed a curriculum based upon a vision that all children’s creativity, resilience, and love for learning is nurtured within a safe and caring environment. 

Our curriculum is designed to create opportunities for young children to develop cultural capital through well-chosen texts, age appropriate activities, and experiences. We do this by:

  • Planned lessons: using a range of approaches, teaching styles, differentiation, personalisation 
  • In the moment planning: responding to children’s play. Ensuring time to build relationships, share in joint attention and adding to the environment to further learning. 
  • Learning beyond the classroom: accessing the community, generalising learning in real life contexts. 
  • Child -initiated learning opportunities: creating an enabling environment where children control the direction of their learning and development.
  • Personalised learning: we develop EHCPs, PLPs and Learning Journals.
  • Positive approaches to behaviour: Social behaviour guidelines, positive handling approach, anti- bullying policy.
  • Enabling environments: fostering independence, Invitation to engage, sensory areas to reflect.
  • Meeting the developmental needs, interests and learning styles of each child. See link below.

Gov. Curriculum Guide For Early Years Foundation Stage

The impact of our curriculum is measured by a basket approach to assessments:

  • Base line assessments (EYFS) 
  • Observations and assessment, 
  • Attainment, and progress reviews. 
  • Learning journals. 
  • Engagement with parent, carers, and stakeholders: Quarterly parent review meetings 
  • P scales: see link below.

    P Scales: Attainment Targets For Pupils With SEN

  • Leuven emotional well-being scales; see link below.

EYFS Themes

  • Unique Child <<<
  • Positive Relationships <<<
  • Enabling Environment <<<
  • Learning & Development <<<