Arabic Language School Bradford

Arabic Language Classes For Children

At Inspire Academy Arabic School, your children will learn the Arabic Language used for everyday speech.
Our Arabic classes cover the four main linguistic skills:
eading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Learn Arabic with our Experienced Teachers in Bradford

Do you want your child to learn Arabic and explore the fascinating Arab culture? Our Arabic language school in Bradford offers engaging and effective classes for children of all ages and levels. Our experienced teachers are native Arabic speakers who are passionate about teaching the language and sharing their culture with their students.

In our Arabic classes, your child will learn to read and write Arabic, build their vocabulary, and develop their speaking and listening skills. We use a communicative approach to teaching, which means your child will be speaking and interacting in Arabic from the very first lesson.

Discover the Rich Culture and Language of the Arab World

At our Arabic language school, we also provide cultural enrichment activities, such as learning about Arab traditions, cuisine, music, and history. Your child will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Arab world.

Join our Arabic classes and give your child a gift that will last a lifetime. Our affordable and high-quality education will ensure your child’s success in learning the Arabic language.

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What our Arabic Language courses entail

We aim to deliver Arabic Language lessons that will enable children to communicate effectively and confidently in Arabic.

Learn to speak Arabic effectively

Our well balanced and structured curriculum allows children to make progress and systematically work through the different levels in each book. Our curriculum incorporates vocabulary commonly used in the Quran and hadith, as well as modern Arabic used for everyday speech.

Inspire Academy Arabic Language School syllabus includes:

Arabic classes with fun

A variety of different methods are used to make sure that each Arabic lesson is engaging and at the same time exciting, keeping the students attention and interest. Stories, songs, conversations and games and regularly given thought provoking homework will further entice learning.  

The Syllabus also has a sound mixture of fun based learning activities including drawing, colouring and puzzles.

Tailored Arabic Language lessons

At Inspire Academy Arabic school, we take the improvement of our students seriously. We deliver our Arabic classes in accordance with children’s ages to ensure the best outcome possible.

We mainly have three learning groups:

1. Love for the Arabic Language - 5 to 14

This curriculum provides students with educational materials that will help them utilize formal Arabic from the start and create the opportunity for them to use what has been learnt in real conversations.

This is directed towards non-Arabic speaking children ages 5-14 years. It consists of 6 levels; each level includes three books which are:

  1. Student’s Book.
  2. Student’s Workbook.
  3. Teacher’s Book.

2. Arabic between your hands - 14+

This is an outstanding syllabus, specially formulated to teach non-Arabic speakers. It prepares children from a basic level and ends when students have nearly mastered the language, to an extent that enables them to continue their studies in higher Arabic studies.  

The series has a modern approach, using the latest methods from the science of linguistics as the foundation of the curriculum.

3. GCSE Arabic

The GCSE Arabic course is taught according to the EDEXCEL syllabus. The Edexcel GCSE in Arabic consists of four units based on the following skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

We will cover how to read, understand and reply in various scenarios and situations. This is a comprehensive study of the Arabic Language and will contain plenty of exam preparation and study to enable your child to achieve A to A* levels in their exams.

Transport Services

Pickup service from school or home

We pick up and drop off children from school or home by our DBS and qualified drivers. Children safety is central to Inspire Academy’s ethos.

This service is provided for children living in Bradford and surrounding areas.