Inspire Clubs


Explore learn and have fun

Learning through play is an essential part of inspire academy teaching programmes as it contributes to the social and educational development of the child.
Inspire Academy encourages children to play an active part in our clubs. We encourage children to find their interests as this will provide more learning opportunities.
At Inspire Academy, our duty is to offer a safe and stimulating place, where the children explore, learn and have fun.

Activities and clubs at Inspire Academy

We aim to provide a range of activities with the emphasis on formal and informal learning. By adopting this principle, we aim to support children to stimulate their physical, intellectual, emotional and sociable development.

Ages: 5 to 10 years old

Ages: 11 to 15 years old

Transport Services

Pickup service from school or home

We pick up and drop off children from school or home by our DBS and qualified drivers. Children safety is central to Inspire Academy’s ethos.

This service is provided for children living in Bradford and surrounding areas.