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Inspire Tuition Centre Bradford

At Inspire Academy Tuition Centre we offer an exceptional service delivered by professionals, to ensure that academic progress is achieved in a learning environment that is uplifting, inspiring and actively encouraging a creative and flexible approach to education.

Our intention is to develop & nurture confidence in each students ability, which is a key factor to achieving the greatest potential in their GCSE and A-Levels exams. An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is put in place, after an initial assessment and, from this, progress can be tracked and measured as the student achieves goals and targets accordingly.

Individually tailored GCSE courses that benefit students of all ages from:

Why Inspire Academy Tuition Centre

Small Classes

Tutors at our centre are assigned to work with an average of four children per tutor, therefore, they will be able to meet every child's specific needs within their group.

Focused Classes

Our tutors observe the child's individual learning style, which will then allow them to adapt the teaching methods to focus more on each child's weaknesses.

Exam Practice

Our tutors help children prepare for exams and also help them overcome aspects of the curriculum they may struggle with, such as writing for different purposes.

Transport Services

Pickup service from school or home

We pick up and drop off children from school or home by our DBS and qualified drivers. Children safety is central to Inspire Academy’s ethos.

This service is provided for children living in Bradford and surrounding areas.